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**world class Drum books**      **free Videos**     
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  **precision Drum transcriptions**
**free Play-Alongs with and without drums**
**and so much more for serious and aspiring drummers**

As you surf through the site you will find drum books that are used by drummers all over the world. There are pages of drum transcriptions that are easy to read and cover the top groups of many genres. You will also find free lessons, tons of play-along charts/music, and a generous dose of drum set information. These materials litterally encomass a lifetime of learning.

You can begin with the basics and work your way all the way up to guru master. There is something for every drummer whether you're a jazz head, a rocker, the bluesman, or a world beat-hackysack playin' ravineman...For the marching bandidos there are rudiments in here you've never seen, as well as plenty of exercises to bring your chops directly into the first chair. For the math whizzes there are polyrhythms and cross rhythms all day long. For the highest level of drum set education... you've come to the right place.

A to Z, you're covered!

Enter the site, spend time learning from
The Progressive Drummer Series,
and watch your drumming soar.


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